Judy Varga
Vancouver, BC
(604) 570-0555

1977-1979 Yale University, School of Art and Architecture, M.F.A. (Painting).
1973-1976 City University of New York (Queens College), B.A.
1976 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Me.
1972-1973 City University of New York (Hunter College).
1999 HongKong Bank of Canada Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.; Local 891 I.A.T.S.E. Group Show.
1994 Level II Gallery, N. Vancouver, B.C.; Group Show.
1997 Havana Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.; Secret Life of Film Crews.
1993 Vancouver East Cultural Center Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.; Felt Sculpture Exhibition.
1992 Community Arts Council Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Felt Sculpture Exhibition, Sacred Manifestations/The Felt Image.
1990 Foundation for the Indians, Nayarit, Mexico; Felt Sculpture and Clothing Exhibition.
1990/1991 Hornby Island Community Hall, B.C.; Every Woman’s Art Exhibition.
1987/1989 Hornby Island Community Hall, B.C.; Felt Exhibition.
1987-1990 Passage to Primordial Time; a series of sculptures (stone, fiber, and wood), earth/body works, fire rituals executed in several locations: Baja Ca., Nayarit, Mexico, Arizona and New Mexico, and British Columbia.
1985 EXPO ‘86, Vancouver, B.C.; sculpture, graphics, and photo montages for the British Columbia and Northwest Territories Pavilions.
1984 Solar Ladder; site sculpture, prism-shaped cave in a black slate quarry illuminated by large rectangular mirrors (aligned at entrance) reflecting the sun’s rays into the center of the cave in the form of a “light ladder” which arcs across and out of the cave as the sun arcs across the sky, West Pawlet, Vt.
1983 Water Lens/Drum; sculpture/ritual, a 6 1/2” diameter clear membrane stretched over a steel hoop supporting in its center a 3’ diameter bead of water (lens), suspended over a huge water-filled pothole in the middle of an ancient glacial river, Sooke River, B.C.
1983 Arc/k; sculpture/private ritual, Rogue River lava tube lit with a horseshoe magnet formation of white candles suspended from the tube at twilight, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.
1982 Sculpture Center, N.Y. Personal Iconography Exhibition, drawings, photo/text documentation and model for site work, Moonbowl.
1981 Nassau County Museum of Fine Art, Roslyn, N.Y.; individual exhibition of sculptures, models and photo-text documentation of site work.
1981 Grey Art Gallery of New York University, N.Y.; Second Annual Heresies Benefit Exhibition, photo/text documentation of earth work, Geometry of Echoes Converge.
1981 Table of Noon/Mat of the Moon; site sculpture/public ritual, an abandoned concrete foundation of a house nestled in a grove of trees on which was laid a circuit of candles on mirrored aluminum sheeting, a sand path for performers to meander through, lighting the candles consecutively with torches, synthesizer music by John Watts accompanied the ritual, Ward’s Island, N.Y.
1980 Geometry of Echoes Converge; earth work, 3 large sand/gravel mounds (38’ dia x 12’ high) placed in a central axis line at the bottom of a rectangular basin (200’ x 400’ x 35’ deep), Dept. of Transportation Reservoir, Old Westbury, N.Y.
1982 Artists Space, Committee for the Visual Arts, Inc., N.Y.; Emergency Materials Fund.
1981 National Endowment for the Arts; Visual Arts Fellowship (Sculpture).
1981 Zelenda Machine and Tools Corp., N.Y.; In-kind contribution of materials and services.
1980 Readsboro Community Council, Readsboro, Vt.; Permission for use of land, donation of materials and services.
1980 New York State Department of Transportation, N.Y.; Permission for use of Land, donation of materials and services.
1977/79 Ford Foundation, N.Y.; Special Projects Grant made possible through Yale University, School of Art, Ct.
1979 Yale University, School of Art, Ct.; Helen W. Wintenitz Honorary Award.
1976 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Me.; Fairfield Porter Memorial Scholarship.
1983 My work is featured in Lucy R. Lippard’s book, Overlay; Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory, published by Pantheon Books, a division of Random House; works sited:Table of Noon/Mat of the Moon and Geometry of Echoes Converge.