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Judy Varga

Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 570-0555
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by Judy Varga




The mainspring of my interest in sacred themes has been my body memories and dreams of the events and images of my early childhood in Africa. Ethiopia is where I first discovered and explored my connection with landscape, natural elements, ritual, ceremony, and the poetry of the human soul.

Since then, I have travelled extensively in Hungary (the place of my ancestral origin), remote areas of Western Mexico, North America, and Hawaii studying the sacred practices (myths and rituals) and creating art which embodies the fusion of the human spirit with the natural cycles of the earth.

I enjoy my work tremendously and have thirty years of artistic experience as a painter, sculptor, photographer, ritual performance artist, and most recently as a scenic artist in the film/tv industry. My language and communication skills, ability to work as a team player, allow me to respond creatively to a variety of production requirements.

As an artist who accepts commissions worldwide for murals, paintings, faux finishing, painted sculpture, backdrops, site sculpture/rituals, and photography, I look forward to discussing your project(s) with you.

Enjoy my portfolio. Thank you for your consideration, and please contact me for further information, photos and references.


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